You’ve always been a people pleaser, the one who’s always available, the superwoman who can do it all without missing a beat. So you overdeliver, giving everything to your family, your clients, and the people who count on you. But who’s taking care of you? Because burnout feels like the new black and something’s gotta change.

  • You sacrifice the things that are important to you, like sleep or yoga to get it all done
  • You’re always saying yes, then regretting it and feeling resentful when you realize you’ve taken on too much yet again
  • You end the day exhausted with no downtime, because tomorrow will be just as busy as today

But these sacrifices aren’t helping. You can’t help others (or yourself) when you’re constantly running on empty.

Reclaim your time. Restore your health. Re-ignite your passions.

What if you didn’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself? What if you finally had time to do the things most important to you?

  • Creating time in you day for practicing yoga and self care rituals that make you feel your best
  • Re-igniting your dreams and passions and tapping into your greater purpose (and not just dreaming, but having the time to start doing too)
  • Setting clear boundaries around your time, so you can say no to the demands that feel like things you “should” do and make room for the things that are a “hell yes!”

Nice to Meetcha

I’m Kim, a lifestyle mentor and coach who helps heart centered women in healing professions integrate self care so they can finally start living a life aligned with their dreams, not their obligations. I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, uninspired and just plain stuck. I know how to get to the other side and I’m here to help you.

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